The Liebster Award 2.0

This week’s rambling’s are brought to you by lele loves and my ridiculous mind.

So, this may be cheating but what the funk. I’ve been nommed for a Liebster Award by the fabulous Lele, and even though I have won one of these before I decided to do it again for three reasons.1) I’m self-centred. 2) I get to compare my answers to my old ones and have a good old retrospection about how I’ve changed. 3) I get to nominate some awesome writers. So call this, the Liebster Award 2.0. Now, with twice as much Liebster!
Here are the RULES.

1. Provide a link back to the blogger who nominated you

2. Post 11 random facts about you

3. Answer 11 random questions set by the blogger who nominated you

4. Nominate 11 bloggers (or try) with under 200 followers for the award (excluding who nominated you)

5. Let the nominees know you have nominated them

11 oh-so-interesting facts about me (uhhhhhhh……)

  1. I am a journalism intern for swiish by Sally Obermeder. I get to stare at lovely pictures all day and write pretty words about them. My bosses are wonderful and my portfolio is already chockers with so many fashion and lifestyle articles (is this where I’m heading?)
  2. Last time I accepted a Liebster Award I admitted to wearing faux glasses to help me get into the writing mood (lol). Now I think I may have cursed myself because I need prescription glasses now and it’s a pain in the ass. I miss being able to see. I blame long-term use of computers and phones because my eyes were fine before I went to university. Now I can’t read road signs so I pretty much have to wear glasses all the time. Woo.
  3. LMAO the answers from my last Liebster Award were so cringe. I am glad to say that I have since grown as a person and as a writer. I still have major confidence issues with my writing but getting paid (and unpaid) work has helped me realise that I can’t be all bad… right?
  4. I should really read more. It just seems so indulgent to sit down with a book for hours. I consider films and actors my great muses instead (apart from some books that mean the world to me – more on that later). I love films with really strong concepts and conflicted characters. Actors cast light on human behaviours in a really immediate way. My faves include Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, David Tennant, Joel Edgerton, Chiwotel Ejiofor, Ryan Gosling, Burn Gorman, Eve Myles, Peter Capaldi, Billie Biper… and there are so many more. Okay, so let’s just say I appreciate good acting.
  5. My favourite novel ever is The Great Gatsby. I wonder how many people have said that. Personally, I think it is so beautifully written, the prose flows like silk, and it speaks to the insecurities behind our actions so well. While it is a little bleak, I think Gatsby’s obsession over becoming an unreachable ideal is something we can all reflect on. None of the characters in this book are perfect, but they are products of their time and every one of them resonates in us.
  6. I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which probably sounds worse than it is. Basically, my immune systems attacks my thyroid so it stops working properly. Luckily, it’s one of the more manageable autoimmune diseases, and while I sometimes suffer rough patches, I’ve found that with a gluten free, anti-inflammatory diet and medication I am mostly alright. Except right now because it’s freaking cold and I’m wearing three layers of socks.
  7. I want to write a novel. I want to write a good one with characters with real conflicts and real motives. I’ve started writing one but it’s hard because the writing never lives up to the vision in my head. I’m hoping I can complete NaNoWriMo this year and get over myself a little bit.
  8. I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. So can’t be bothered.
  9. My favourite TV show is Torchwood. It was probably the first proper adult show I ever watched on my own. The sic-fi element wasn’t just there for cool costumes and special effects, but really challenged the strengths and darknesses of human nature. None of the characters were angels and neither were they caricature bad guys. They were just people, pushed to their limits in extreme circumstances. The 16-year-old me thought that was very cool.
  10. I’m so squeamish it’s pathetic. Like I will start to panic and feel woozy over injuries, diseases, operations, rotting food, basically any bodily fluid. Once I was home alone and my cat brought in a headless rat. I spent literally hours sobbing and retching and running in and out of the room until I could work up the courage to pick up the corpse with a shovel. When I went to dispose of it outside I found another dismembered rat. Such is my life.
  11. I also hate spiders so much that I won’t go into it detail just in case I work myself up. But if I ever live alone and there is a spider, I won’t have another choice. I will have to burn that house down. Here is micro poem I wrote about spiders:

 Doom has eight beady eyes

And murder in its jaws

Moves swiftly as a shadow

And lurks patiently in yours

Questions for Me

1. What is your favourite scary movie? I am terrible when it comes to scary movies. I hate anything that makes me jump, especially if it involves demons and spirits. However, Cabin in the Woods was pretty scary for my standards but because it was so fun and subverted film conventions, I ended up quite enjoying it.

2. BBM, Whatsapp or Snapchat, which do you use the most/least? I occasionally use Snapchat to send ugly selfies to my friends. I have no idea what the other apps are.

3. What is your favourite high street /online store? My heart belongs to ASOS. I think there’s such a great variety and it’s affordable enough. For quality, I definitely love Oasis, and Mollie King’s collection with them is very stylish. If only I had money. If only I was Mollie King.

4. Favourite Season (as in food flavouring)? SALT. I even like my chocolate salted.

5. Do you collect anything (usual or otherwise)? I have a lot of shoes. I can’t say I get around to wearing all of them.

6. How would you describe your style? It’s hard to say because I’m still experimenting with my style a lot. Working for a fashion blog, I totally get swept up in the beautiful pictures and photographed that well looks amazing (my attempts, however, not so much). I grew up watching Sex and the City so I love anything whimsical and fun. I’m working on being more minimal, too – it takes a lot of restraint to say no to glitter and frills and patterns. But it always looks so effortless. Like, I don’t even know what the trends are, I’m just classy to the bone.

7. If you could be any animal, where would you go? I’d definitely be a bird, just for the ability to fly anywhere and everywhere and not fear falling.

8. Do you have any pets? Yeah! A Bichon Frise / King Charles Cavalier called Bonnie, and two miscellanous cats called Sunny and Lucky.

9. What’s your favourite colour? I like anything really dark and anything really pastel. Some people look good in brights but I am not one of them.

10. How often do you post on your blog? The aim is once a week. I know I have left it for much longer than that at times, but I feel like I am gaining momentum now.

11. What is the best blogging tip you know? It doesn’t matter if you post daily or fortnightly – the key is consistency. Your blog will be more visible and your readers will see you as reliable.

Questions for You

1. If you were Prime Minister/President what laws would you make or abolish?

2. Do you have a cool but utterly useless talent (i.e. folding origami, dislocating your jaw at will, mastering Klingon, etc)?

3. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever written? You can link it here if you like.

4. If you were on Big Brother, what “character” would you play? Would you have a strategy?

5. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever sustained?

6. When was the last time a film/TV show/book made you cry? What was it and why?

7. If you had to pick an alias, what would it be? (I call Anastasia Beaverhausen – infinite points to whoever gets the reference.)

8. What’s the most pretentious thing you’ve ever said/done?

9. If you could ask ONE celebrity ONE question, who would it be and what would be the question?

10. If your writing is a perfect summation of who you are, what would people think about you?

11. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

My 11 Nominees


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